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Programmatic Sponsored Content Software for Publishers

The NewsLauncher platform is the world's first platform that streamlines the process of launching a sponsored editorial story by seamlessly enabling brands to send their stories to publishers who in turn publish it. Publishers are enabled to scale their sponsored content programs while providing brands and their agencies a direct channel to have their stories publisher.

For Publishers

Publishers gain direct access to stories from brands . Every piece of content is created with a reader first mentality. What exactly does that mean? It means that the content is clearly marked and displayed up front, it means relevant-quality-informative-entertaining, and it means putting that content in a place that matches the story topic itself.

News Stories

It's what we do.

This streamlined process gives you the tools to create fantastic sponsored content and the revenue that follows.


Benefits of Newslauncher

Automated Sponsored Content Program

Sponsored Content are 30X more effective than press releases because they are published in-feed and are more engaging to the reader.

The Story You Want

Write the exact story you want and have it published on a credible site, often with your byline

Stories Live Forever

Your stories lives on the web forever, gaining attention time and time again

In-Feed Delivery

Most stories go live through a publication's in-feed section for maximum exposure.

Hypertarget Audiences

Direct access to relevant, high profile publications that will expertly write about your brand.

On-Demand Stories

No retainer fees necessary. Simply pay per story within your monthly budget.

Get Big Publicity

Garnish the attention of other members of the media and have your story go viral through social uplift!


Our Clients

Leading Brands Use NewsLauncher's Software


NewsLauncher is the premier Branded News Content Platform available on the market today. The platform enables brands to publish stories directly on the world's most influential publications through a simple, intuitive interface.

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